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- Australia-wide open invitation to exibit one of your mokuhanga

- Ist prize, Awagami Paper Award - Awagami Editioning Papers as supplied by Awagami Papers (Value $500US). Second Prize, Australian Mokuhanga School Award,  Murasaki Baren (13cm medium value $286AU)

- Exhibition dates: 31st May to 17th June, 2017

- at Firestation Print Studio, Armadale, Melbourne

- Opening Wednesday 31st May, 6.30pm

- Any theme OK

- Maximum size - up to A3

- Entry Fee: General $15 or Firestation Member / Australian Mokuhanga School student Discount: $10

- Return Postage $10 if applicable

- Entry Deadline Friday 12th May, 2017


 Exhibition Opening Invitation

About the Exhibition


We are excited to announce a first prize of Awagami Edition papers - The Awagami Paper Award, and a second prize of a Murasaki Baren - The Australian Mokuhanga School award.

This exhibition has been organised to promote mokuhanga, provide an opportunity for mokuhanga artists to show their work and to develop a community of practitioners.
Open to any artist practicing mokuhanga technique in Australia, the work must be mokuhanga - Japanese water-based woodblock printing. No other media, or combination of other media, will be accepted. The theme is open, you can submit any work or variation of the technique, as long as it adheres to the water-based woodblock technique. There is no restriction on colour- either single or multiple colours / impressions are acceptable.
Your entry fee assists with the cost of running and promoting the exhibition. If required a further fee covers the return of your art work.
An opening function will be held on Wednesday 31st May, 2017, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.


 Ist Prize - Awagami Paper Award, Awagami Editioning Papers


2nd Prize - Australian Mokuhanga School Award - Murasaki Baren (Medium) 

murasaki baren

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Download Entry Form PDF Here


Your entry fee assists with the cost of running and promoting the exhibition. An extra fee covers the return of your art work, if required.


Exhibition Terms and Conditions


About the venue..

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Firestation Print Studio is a well established community print studio with a wide membership of practicing printmakers and people interested in print throughout Victoria. As a community based gallery, with easy access for all, it is an excellent choice for this exhibition.




What is Mokuhanga?


Detail of traditional print "Haru Nano Higashi Genji" by Kunichika Toyohara


Mokuhanga is the traditional water based printing technique, originating in China and perfected in Japan.

A print is created through design, carving blocks for each colour, then printing each colour successively until the print edition is completed.


Mokuhanga is the Japanese word for wood block print. The Japanese characters 木版画 are 木 wood, 版 block and 画 picture.


In Japan its meaning is the print itself, but in general contemporary use it means both the print and the technique. Mokuhanga is growing in popularity worldwide as learning becomes more accessible to people outside of Japan.



Kunisada Printmaking tripty




Mokuhanga is chemical free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, uses relatively simple hand tools and equipment and requires little space to produce beautiful work. The natural beauty of the materials - wood, pigment and hand-made paper are all retained and enhance each other. A great choice for Artists or any creative person!


no-poisons no-press




Residency Availability


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Terry McKenna Mokuhanga

This is a short video showing teacher Terry McKenna making one of his mokuhanga...

You can find more about Terry's work on his dedicated website at www.egaku.com.au

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kyoto torii

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