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The Australian Mokuhanga School is run by Terry McKenna, professional mokuhanga artist.


"I have been concentrating on producing woodblock prints since 2006, and inevitably became inspired by the richness of Japanese woodblock prints which are rightly world famous. I love the marriage of art and craft that is needed to produce mokuhanga."


Originally trained in oil painting, Terry has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts as well as many years experience tutoring art media to people of all abilities and walks of life.

You can find full information about Terry's work and career here on his personal websiteterry


Terry has held numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1996, won awards, and has also been involved in community arts initiatives, writing reviews of other artist's work for newspapers and managed and taught at an arts facility for people with disabilities for 10 years.

After living overseas in New Zealand and Japan for many years, he has returned to Australia in early 2014 with the aim of establishing the Australian Mokuhanga School.


"I am proud to return to Australia and offer my skills to people here so that you too can enjoy the versatility and beauty of mokuhanga."



 刀の刃教室 Tou-no-ha Kyoushitsu - The Knife School

Starting in 2011 Terry was fortunate to spend two years living in Kyoto, Japan and studying under established mokuhanga artist and teacher, Richard Steiner, who was taught by the Hiroshima mokuhanga master Masahiko Tokumitsu 徳光真散彦, one of the founders of the Independant Print Movement in Japan.


Richard received his teacher's license and artist's name 刀斉 Tousai (Flexible knives) from Mr Tokumitsu.

This is the traditional system in Japan, where the teacher decides whether the student has reached the appropriate level to work and teach others on their own.

At the end of his time with Richard, Terry was fortunate to receive a teacher's license and name 刀楽 Touraku, from him. 


About Richard Steiner


Richard Steiner in his studio

Richard Steiner has been teaching mokuhanga in Kyoto for the past 40 years to a variety of students: Westerners, Japanese, and children. As a Western artist who learned from a traditional Japanese teacher,  Masahiko Tokumitsu, he is able to teach mokuhanga in a way that is accessible for both Japanese and Western students. For many years Richard has taught from his studio in the heart of Kyoto.


You can find more information about Richard and his work on his personal website Richard Steiner's Home Page


You can find information about learning from Richard in Kyoto here Kyoto International Mokuhanga School. Studying with Richard in Kyoto is uniquely accessible for Western artists to learn mokuhanga while in Japan.



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