Murasaki Baren

Murasaki Baren
23 597 ¥ ($286.00) each

Hand made by master baren maker, Hidehiko Gotou, these baren are an affordable alternative to the very best honbaren.


The coil is woven from nylon and the ategawa (backing) is turned from shina wood. For a reasonable price you can have a beautiful tool that comes close to the best. These are my favoured baren, and I use them for all my printing.

Available in three grades:
Fine - good for fine lines and print effects requiring less pressure
Medium - good all-round baren, able to print light and heavy
Strong - good for large flat areas and print effects requiring heavy pressure


These baren are made to order and may take up to eight weeks to arrive after ordering.


These baren are made to exacting quality standards and come in an elegant protective box.




This is a sort video of Goto san the baren maker, working on honbaren - the very best hand made baren:


Baren from ayaka nakamura on Vimeo.

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