Professional Set 12 Tools

Professional Carving Set 12
¥ 41129
(¥ 37390 excl Tax)

This set of tools is professional quality with a nice range to suit all types of carving for mokuhanga. With a range of aisuki (flat clearing chisels) this set is more suited to traditional mokuhanga carving techniques. The blades are bonded high speed steel, which will hold a very sharp edge.

Set includes:
3mm & 6mm Knives, 1.3mm, 3mm, 6mm & 12mm gouges, 1.5mm, 3mm & 6mm flat chisels, a 4.5mm V gouge, a kento chisel and a large shallow gouge.

A good range of chisels for all aspects of woodblock carving.
Comes with a protective wooden box.


These knives are a traditional design with short cherry wood handles for ease of handling and sharpening.


The clever handle design allows for the removal and adjustment of the blade for sharpening.


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