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We understand that it's not possible, or even easy, for many people to come and learn in Japan. That's why we're establishing these online learning opportunities. We intend them to be a comprehensive compilation of techniques and approaches to making your own mokuhanga.


We are teaching and practicing “Sosaku hanga”, that is “Creative Print”. Although we share many of the same tools and techniques with Ukiyo-e practitioners, our focus is on the artist completing every stage themselves. The creative idea of the artist should be visible throughout the process.
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Each workshop will have a range of resources designed to teach you as well as help you develop core skills.

Workshop Units

Each workshop is divided into a number of units to allow you to focus on learning and practicing skills appropriate to the stage of the process.

Workshop units have a range of learning resources. Instruction videos of varying length give you instruction and guidance. You can watch an experienced practitioner on each step of the process. Comprehensive notes with photographs and diagams are also available, as well as links to appropriate resources.

You can access the workshop by purchasing a membership (see the links on the right for PC users or below for mobile device users). A choice of plans are available and you can pay through Paypal.

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Mokuhanga Fundamentals


Fundamentals of Mokuhanga - a Comprehensive Online Workshop

In this online workshop you will follow the process through from designing, transferring your design, carving, printing and editioning your first print. Whether you have created your own design or followed the one I’ve provided in this workshop, you will grasp the fundamentals of Japanese woodblock printing. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners through to experienced printmakers wanting to learn mokuhanga.
If you have already some experience, either through attending one of our workshops or our Japan residencies, you can use chapters as you like to refresh your memory or answer some lingering questions.

Introduction Video (Free to View)


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