The simple and effective hand held disc used for applying pressure to the printing paper. Perfected over the centuries by Japanese craftsmen and recently developed with new materials, this is an essential tool for Japanese printmaking. With this simple intrument a huge variety of print effects are possible.


We sell a range of Baren to suit your needs. Browse the baren available to find one that suits your budget and printing requirements. Download the free baren guide to help choose the right baren.


¥ 540
(¥ 498 excl Tax)
Plastic Baren
¥ 2912
(¥ 2684 excl Tax)
Kurosaki Baren
¥ 4942
(¥ 4555 excl Tax)
Sosaku Baren (Sumi)
¥ 4942
(¥ 4555 excl Tax)
Sosaku Baren (Beta)
¥ 1331
(¥ 1227 excl Tax)
Camelia Oil 20ml
¥ 1144
(¥ 1054 excl Tax)
Madake Baren Cover
¥ 0
(¥ 0 excl Tax)
Baren Guide
¥ 3640
(¥ 3355 excl Tax)
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