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Step through the process of designing, carving and printing a woodblock print using traditional and contemporary techniques of Japanese water-based printmaking.


The residency provides one-to-one tuition and the workshop is equipped with a wide range of professional Japanese printmaking tools and equipment, not available elsewhere in Australia.


The residency also provides the opportunity to view traditional and contemporary prints first hand, access a wide range of information and resources relevant to Mokuhanga and to interact with a professional artist and teacher with international training, experience and exhibition history. The one-to-one tuition also allows the student to gain skills and knowledge, and to access information and resources not normally available in a workshop setting.


Thank you for your patient and competent tuition... I learnt such a lot in the way that I learn best - by doing it with my own hands under the leadership of an experienced tutor. - Gwenyth Wilson-Rudström, 2016

My residency was a wonderful experience.. making new work in the studio with Terry was educative and comprehensive.
It enabled me to adopt a striking number of additional techniques for my future Mokuhanga and I look forward to applying all that I have learnt from Terry, who is a master of the discipline. - Deborah Metz, 2016

Great experience and excellent value for money. Working with Terry one on one meant I was able to focus on specific areas of my practice I was struggling with, dedicating enough time to gain a thorough understanding through both theory and practical application. Terry's flexibility in approach to both form and content meant I got a truly unique and tailored experience. His wealth of knowledge about the medium and easygoing style makes me certain that anybody wanting to take their practice to the next level would get the same. Highly recommended and I'll definitely be back! - Mat Paul, 2017

This is a great opportunity for professional print practitioners to gain skills and information without having to negotiate, fund and manage overseas study.

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